[Loadstone] problems with royaltek rbt2010

Tasha Raella Chemel tashiegirl at rcn.com
Wed Jul 26 10:01:07 BST 2006

Ok, Now I'm getting some signal, but my receiver isn't at all accurate. I 
know it's suppose to be accurate to about ten meters, but when I walked 
about 30 meters (and even after I arrived at my destination!) it was still 
saying "crossley, 8 meters to the south." also, route mode isn't present in 
the functions menu, just exploration and navigation modes.

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> It sounds like your receiver is connected, but that you aren't finding any 
> satelites.  I have gotten that message a couple of times, but when I got 
> outside away from the building it was picking up fine.  I have the same 
> receiver, and it works great with Loadstone.
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> Subject: [Loadstone] problems with royaltek rbt2010
> Hi, i'm havigng trouble connecting my rbt 2010 to my cell phone. when i 
> ask my cell phone to find my gps receiver, it says something like 
> "bluetooth d038" (i can't figure out how to get mobilespeak to spell it. 
> then, when I try to connect, it says "no signal" Sometimes it appears to 
> be connected, because there is a disconnect gps option in the  gps menu. 
> my phone has also been able to tell me the time according to my gps 
> receiver, and the number of satellites in my area, but when i ask it to 
> give me my long an lat positions, nothing happens. I can't tell whether my 
> gps receiver is really connected. Also, I tried to create a waypoint (my 
> dorm at school) but after I entered the information, it was still saying 
> no waypoints found. what kind of information is required in order to 
> create a waypoint? any help with either of these issues would be greatly 
> apreciated.
> tasha
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