[Loadstone] problems with royaltek rbt2010

Tasha Raella Chemel tashiegirl at rcn.com
Tue Jul 25 17:53:20 BST 2006

Hi, i'm havigng trouble connecting my rbt 2010 to my cell phone. when i ask my cell phone to find my gps receiver, it says something like "bluetooth d038" (i can't figure out how to get mobilespeak to spell it. then, when I try to connect, it says "no signal" Sometimes it appears to be connected, because there is a disconnect gps option in the  gps menu. my phone has also been able to tell me the time according to my gps receiver, and the number of satellites in my area, but when i ask it to give me my long an lat positions, nothing happens. I can't tell whether my gps receiver is really connected. Also, I tried to create a waypoint (my dorm at school) but after I entered the information, it was still saying no waypoints found. what kind of information is required in order to create a waypoint? any help with either of these issues would be greatly apreciated.

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