[Loadstone] Exploration mode commands do not speak

Monty Lilburn monty at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Jul 25 15:34:02 BST 2006

Hello all,

We have recently been made aware that on certain phones for some unclear 
reason Exploration mode commands are not functioning as expected.

As an example, if you enter Exploration mode and attempt to move the 
Exploration mode focus to the next point to the East (by pressing 6) 
,Loadstone should print the resulting point on the screen and in turn will 
speak the resulting point via your phone's screen reader.

What seams to be happening with some people is the resulting point is 
being displayed on the screen but the screen  reader is not speaking the 

At this point we are slightly baffled as to why this is happening.  We 
will however track this problem down with your help.

We need to hear from as many people as possible whether it is working for 
you or not.  If people could please post a message to the list including 
their experience that would be very much appreciated and will assist us in 
rectifying the problem.

If you could please let us know the following:

1.  Are you able to receive feedback from your screen reader while moving 
around in Exploration mode (using keys 1 through 9)

2.  What screen reader and version are you using?

3.  What make and model of phone are you using?  (The firmware version 
would be useful to know as well)  To find out your Nokia phone's firmware 
version, type: star number sign zero zero zero zero and number sign. 
(Number sign = hash)

4.  Are you using Loadstone in conjunction with a GPS receiver?  If so, 
what make and model are you using?

Again, even if this is working fine for you if you could let us know that 
would be very useful!  That way we can rule in or out potential causes!

We will try and fix this as soon as possible as we can imagine it must be 
quite annoying though it works fine on each of the Developer's phones - 
granted none of which are running the latest screen readers or are new 


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