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Monty Lilburn monty at loadstone-gps.com
Mon Jul 24 17:14:08 BST 2006

Hello Michael,

Being on the development team and having worked with Loadstone for the 
past two years I can give you my opinion from that point of view, but I 
havent used Way finder so I will have to let someone else fill in the 

To answer your specific questions

1.	How does Loadstone work when there isnt cell phone coverage?

Although Loadstones main function is to facilitate GPS navigation, it can 
work without a GPS receiver and track the cellular sites that are on your 
mobile network.  If you are out of range then the cellular site tracking 
will not work; however, the GPS Navigation will work regardless of 
cellular connectivity with the only stipulation being that the GPS 
satellites must be functioning and in view of the GPS receiver.

2.	how does Loadstone work with downloadable GPS-enabled maps?

Loadstone cannot use third-party maps from other companies unless they are 
in a freely available open format without any licensing restrictions.  It 
does however work very well with our PointShare Exchange that contains 
street intersection data for all of North America and thousands of points 
across Europe and really wherever in the world Loadstone users who have 
shared their own map data have used the program.

3.	Does Loadstone work with any phones that double as PDAs?

Loadstone will currently work with any Symbian Series60 (first and second 
generation) mobile phone.  Most of the Symbian Series60 phones I have come 
across do not double as PDAs though many have functions and features you 
would find on a PDA.

What I can basically tell you is that Loadstone is free.  This means if 
you already have an accessible cellular phone and a Bluetooth GPS 
receiver, then you have nothing to lose from trying it out.  If it meets 
your needs then youve just gotten a whole lot more independent without 
having to invest in expensive software.  If you need something that 
Loadstone currently does not provide then either make a suggestion and see 
if it can be added to make Loadstone better, or invest in a product that 
will better meet your needs.

If you or anyone else have questions the web site is becoming a better 
resource everyday, plus were usually monitoring this list and are more 
than happy to help.

Good luck, and hopefully a Wayfinder user can weigh in with their opinion. 
In addition, it would be nice to hear from BrailleNOTE GPS users and 
Trekker users as well.

Best regards,

  On Mon, 24 Jul 2006, Michael O. Hanson wrote:

> Does anybody on this list know how Loadstone compares to Way Finder?  I know
> this is a very general question.  Let me ask three more specific questions.
> First, how do Loadstone and Wayfinder work where there is no cell phone
> coverage.  Finding places where there is no cell phone coverage is not
> difficult at this time.  Since Loadstone uses a GPS receiver, I assume this
> would not be a problem.  I am not so sure about Wayfinder.
> Second, how do Loadstone and Wayfinder work with downloadable GPS-enabled
> maps?  I understand Microsoft and other companies make such maps.
> Third, does Loadstone work with any phones that double as PDAs to the best
> of anybody's knowledge?  I am looking at adapted GPS and would rather make
> an informed decision, given the potential cost of hardware.
> Thank You,
> Mike Hanson
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