[Loadstone] Unbiassed Opinion

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Mon Jul 24 14:59:00 BST 2006

Does anybody on this list know how Loadstone compares to Way Finder?  I know
this is a very general question.  Let me ask three more specific questions.

First, how do Loadstone and Wayfinder work where there is no cell phone
coverage.  Finding places where there is no cell phone coverage is not
difficult at this time.  Since Loadstone uses a GPS receiver, I assume this
would not be a problem.  I am not so sure about Wayfinder.

Second, how do Loadstone and Wayfinder work with downloadable GPS-enabled
maps?  I understand Microsoft and other companies make such maps.

Third, does Loadstone work with any phones that double as PDAs to the best
of anybody's knowledge?  I am looking at adapted GPS and would rather make
an informed decision, given the potential cost of hardware.

Thank You,

Mike Hanson

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