[Loadstone] hi - I'm new on this mailni list

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Thu Jul 20 03:07:48 BST 2006

It's good to know that the nokia gps receiver works with Loadstone.
As for getting other language support in Loadstone, that might be tricky. 
Since at the moment the Loadstone developers only speak english it's 
unlikely that we'll be able to put in multi-language support ourselves. If 
you're a programmer and can get this working we'll gladly put in the 
changes. This goes for program messages and documentation as well.
Right now we're mainly focusing on getting any bugs that are found worked 


On Wed, 19 Jul 2006, Jacek wrote:

> Hi subsribers
> i'm Jack i live in Warsaw (poland). I'm visualy empaired and i use
> Nuance Talks screen reader for mobile phone. Loadstone gps is very frienly programm.
> I use Nokia 6630 mobile phone with Nokia Ld3-w gps receiver.
> I've some questions
> 1 - for alll subscribers which gps receiver you testet and recommended?
> 2 - for loadstone-gps devalopment team - I downloaded sorce code of your programm and i'd like to make some changes
> first i'd like to make polish localisation of this programm (garman
> also - I'm speaking and writing german better than english), polish characters are impossible in poin labeing query - i'd like to make abiliti to add it in this query.
> i've also some new ideas to extend this programm, some part i can do by
> myself to implement other I need some help.
> I'm new in symbian application devalopment and in c++ programing but
> I've large experience and good knowledge on programming in ANSI C.
> Please somebody from loadstone-gps devalpment team to contac me on my
> email address. I hope I can be useful for this project.
> ont the end I hope, all subscribers excuse me my bad englisch
> - englisch ist my secound foreign language and i long time no use
> engilsh in writting
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