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Another reason for having locations is if you want to travel and get the information before you get there and have no idea what the long and lat are.  Also, some of us do not use our phones to access the internet because of the cost.  We download directly from the site and then need to transfer the things to our phone.


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> On Wed, Jul 19, 2006 at 05:28:07PM +0200, Sandberg, Robert wrote:
> > and clicked on Download.
> > Then the point list was displayed. I pressed options and 
> selected save,
> > but nothing happened.
> > Wouldn't it be possible to ask Loadstone users who create 
> lists, to give
> > the lists names of locations?
> > Then someone who wants to download a list could enter the name 
> of the
> > target location and if there were no matches, they could brows 
> the list
> > of available locations to see if there is anything close.
> That's being worked on.  We don't have a good list of
> cities yet, we do have airports though so that might be a
> start.  For now though, I'd suggest using the quickpoints
> feature.  Save your home point for example as a quickpoint
> and use that for the focal point selection.  Saves the
> trouble of entering latlong values every time.
> > Regarding the documentation. The following advice on entering 
> a radius
> > is given.
> > "When specifying a radius, be careful, especially if you are 
> creating an
> > exported list of points for North America. Even a radius of 1 
> mile can
> > generate 1000+ points . We find that specifying a radius of 15 
> miles or
> > 20KM is a good balance."
> > I understand the first sentence to be a warning, that a 1 mile 
> radius> can result in 1000 points. But then a radius of 15 miles 
> is recommended.
> > Equals 15000 points?
> Yeah, 15k points isn't too bad on a modern phone.  I'm
> currently running around 40k points on a 6620.  It's very
> slow on the mmc but works fine if you run it on phone
> memory as that's quite a bit faster.
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