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Sandberg, Robert robert.sandberg at sap.com
Wed Jul 19 16:28:07 BST 2006

Hi folks!
I logged on to the point sharing site with my phone, entered coordinates
and clicked on Download.
Then the point list was displayed. I pressed options and selected save,
but nothing happened.
To make sure I checked the file manager, but nothing had been
Can anyone advise me?
Another thing, It would be nice if it was possible to enter the name of
a location, as well as or in stead of, coordinates.
If I only want points in my immediate vicinity , I understand why it
makes sense to enter the precise coordinates. But in a city, I often
want points in a variety of locations within that city. Of course I
could extend the radius. But I just think it's a bit complicated to have
to determine and enter latitude and longitude every time I want to
download a list.
Wouldn't it be possible to ask Loadstone users who create lists, to give
the lists names of locations?
Then someone who wants to download a list could enter the name of the
target location and if there were no matches, they could brows the list
of available locations to see if there is anything close.
Regarding the documentation. The following advice on entering a radius
is given.
"When specifying a radius, be careful, especially if you are creating an
exported list of points for North America. Even a radius of 1 mile can
generate 1000+ points . We find that specifying a radius of 15 miles or
20KM is a good balance."
I understand the first sentence to be a warning, that a 1 mile radius
can result in 1000 points. But then a radius of 15 miles is recommended.
Equals 15000 points?

Robbie Sandberg

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