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You bring up an important question for me.  I live about 20 miles from work.  The metro area where I live has a population over 3 million and a large area.  For example, if I figure a radius from downtown Minneapolis to my home it is about 18 miles, and from Downtown Minneapolis to my office in St. Paul it is about 12 miles. The biggest portion of St. Paul is further away from downtown Minneapolis than my office and includes the whole are of the state capitol and state goverment buildings, etc.  Realistically, to include the entire twin cities area it would take at least a 30 mile radius to cover most of the metro area.  Do you think that size map is going to be more than a phone memory is going to be able to handle and process with any kind of speed?

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: Hi John,
: Hmmmm, I'm sure I uploaded my train station points to the db the other day 
: and I know Leeds is one of them since I've gone through there before.
: What sort of radius are you using?  Since you are in the UK you can 
: probably  use a pretty large number and still be OK.  By large I mean 
: maybe up to 600KM or further.  Probably best to start big and then scale 
: down for efficiency.
: For any North American listers, probably best to use a much smaller number 
: since you have the street data!
: Monty
:  On Tue, 18 Jul 2006, John Gallagher wrote:
: > Hi list I have created a poi at my home.
: > I have exported the export.txt file in to loadstone but cannot find
: > any points of interest like railway stations hear in Leeds not sure why.
: > would it be possible to put the txt file on the website or is it best
: > to put in the long and lat to acquire it like I did.
: > this program has real potential. thanks.
: >
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