[Loadstone] Hi from John

John Gallagher john at chessplayer.demon.co.uk
Tue Jul 18 10:35:48 BST 2006

Hi all,
My name is John Gallagher and I am a totally blind piano tuner in Leeds uk.
I use braille note and wayfinder gps and I am glad to be joining the 
loadstone group.
I use gps a lot not so much at this moment in time as I await a new 
guidedog but, gps has changed my life and I have loads of experience 
with it from a totally blind person's point of view.
the wayfinder maps can be downloaded on to the phone and if I 
download the Leeds maps I wonder if it will run on loadstone.
I will be making a donation to the website but first I am going to 
put my txt file in my phone.
I use a nokia 7610 and I also use the best gps receiver which is a 
sirf three star chip set gps receiver the holux slim which works with 
loadstone wayfinder and sendero braillenote gps.
wishing you all the very best for now.

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