[Loadstone] Hello everyone and a question about maps

Monty Lilburn monty at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Jul 18 10:21:23 BST 2006

Hi Jim,

Due to pricey licensing restrictions and proprietary file formats, 
Loadstone GPS is unable to directly use mapping information from other GPS 
packages.  Some other GPS package producers do allow their users who have 
created their own points to make them freely available to everyone in an 
open format and others do not I'm afraid.

If you have access to map data and it includes latitude and longitude 
coordinates that you have access to  then I imagine the only thing 
stopping you from entering them into Loadstone or any other file storage 
medium is licensing requirements and other related legalities.  I do not 
personally own any other GPS navigation products so am unable to advise 
further!  Perhaps someone else can?

Currently we have complete intersection/street map point info for Canada 
and the US and a large number of useful points for the UK - including all 
train stations, airports, and many other shops, pubs, parks, streets, 
roads landmarks etc.  As more users share their points, more points will 
be available for everyone!  Up until now points  have been collected by 
either free sources of map info on the web or by the developers travelling 
to other parts of the world.  So yes, if you look at my points you can 
tell what countries I have been to over the past few years!

Don't worry about asking questions or making comments, that's what this 
list is for!

Good luck with your decision and hopefully you'll find the right product 
or combination of products that will work the best for you

If we can be of any further help just ask!


On Mon, 17 Jul 2006, Jim Ruby wrote:

> Hi,
> If I own maps from another gps package can I use them with the loadstone
> product on my phone? I also have a Braille note and gps version 3.x and lots
> of map data for my town, is there a way I can get this in to my phone?
> I would like to buy a bluetooth receiver, but if the data is limited it may
> not be in my best interest right now as I'm looking for something useful,
> not saying this would not be useful cause I have not tried it so have a lot
> to learn about the product such as can it create a rout for me etc.
> So I don't mean the above to be a flame, just a beginner trying and learning
> how best to learn this new software and get the equipment I will need if it
> is something that will be useful to my in my personal life.
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