[Loadstone] where to put export.txt

Monty Lilburn monty at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Jul 18 09:59:34 BST 2006

Hi Steve,

Check out the importting points guide on the documentation page of the 
Loadstone web site:


If you still require further assistance after reading that please post 
questions to this list
Good luck and best regards,

On Tue, 18 Jul 2006, Steven Clark wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm new to loadstone or any gps on my cell phone and need a little help getting started.
> I entered my longitude and laditude and created an export.txt file.  I've got that downloaded to my computer and need to know where on my phone to put it?
> I can get export.txt to my nokia 6682 either via bluetooth or the usb cable.  So where on my phone should I put the file and once its in the right place  any tips for getting it selected in loadstone?
> Your help is greatly appreciated,
> Steve

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