[Loadstone] importing databases into loadstone

Monty Lilburn monty at loadstone-gps.com
Mon Jul 17 18:53:07 BST 2006


I think you've done everything correctly.  The problem was to do with 
Internet Explorer which have have fixed in the last 20 minutes so try 
again.  You may not even need to right-click this time as just submitting 
should prompt you to open or save the file.  Choose save.

The reason it didn't work before is because Internet Explorer doesn't 
handle file headers properly and when you copy and pasted the lines 
wrapped and confused the Loadstone GPS import routine.  We need to make 
the importer more robust so the "App close"  (a crash) doesn't happen!


On Mon, 17 Jul 2006, chaman wrote:

> hello list,
> after i had read the documentation on importing the databases onto loadstone i found a database and decided to put it onto my phone. when i type the lat and lon i tried to rite click on the submit button and save target as, but that did not work so i just pressed enter on the submit button and got a huge list of results i selected all and coppied into notepad and saved the file as points.txt. i then coppied the file onto my phone and coppied the file into import/export and i went into loadstone and the file menu and import database. i selected the file points.txt and when i pressed ok it said app close loadstone and there was a ok button which closed the program.
> sorry about the long post but during these steps is there anything i have done wrong?
> i have atatched the points.txt file.
> thank you
> Chaman

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