[Loadstone] How to download and import map data

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Mon Jul 17 00:27:18 BST 2006

It seems that internet explorer is making a mess of these files. That's 
being look at.
As for a reasonable size, it all depends on how much memory you have on your 
phone. I try to keep my files within about 20 kilometers or so. The bigger 
the file the longer it takes to import. If your phone has a lot of onboard 
memory you can try installing loadstone to that instead of to the memory 
card. This seems to result in a significant speed increase but you have to 
watch the size of the database. During an import the program's database can 
get quite large. It will compact it at the end of the import but during it 
the database can be several megs.


On Sun, 16 Jul 2006, David Tanner wrote:

> That is what I did, but every time I attempt to import the file Loadstone crashes.  I am assuming I should use the default name that is given in the "save as" menu in Internet Explorer, and that I should be saving the file as a text file with a *.txt extension and not as some kind of html file.
> Also, is there a suggested size in terms of radious that might effect whether the file is too large.
> I am using a Nokea 6600 and transfered the file to the phone using PC Suite over an infrared connection.  Is there any problem with doing that?
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> : Hello.
> : Documentation on this is needed and is being written. I'll try to explain
> : and hopefully it'll make sence.
> : Once you have saved the list as a text file you need to transfer that file
> : to your phone. This process can very depending on what phone you have. I
> : have an ngage so I can just use the usb cable to move the file to the
> : propper place. With most phones you have to use the bluetooth link. When the
> : file is on the phone it needs to be in the
> : system/apps/loadstone/importexport directory. What drive this directory is
> : on will depend on where you installed the program. If you installed to phone
> : memory then it'll be the c: or d: drive. If you installed to the memory card
> : then it's probably the e: drive. Once the file is in the propper place then
> : start up loadstone, go to the file menu and select the import option. A list
> : of files will come up. If there's only one file in the importexport
> : directory then that'll be the only one in this list. Select the file and the
> : import process will start. The phone should say what table it's importing,
> : starting with table point. If you're using talks these messages can
> : sometimes walk over each other thoe. Depending on how big the point list is
> : this may take quite a long time. Durint the import the screen's backlight
> : will turn on every 30 seconds or so to let you know it's still running. Once
> : the import finishes the program will return with the loadstone window and
> : say "done". Then you're ready to go.
> : This process is kind of complicated and we're working on ways to make this
> : easier and more streamlined. Better documentation of this will be up soon.
> :
> : Shawn
> :
> : On Sat, 15 Jul 2006, David Tanner wrote:
> :
> : > Ok, I put in the longitude and latitude, chose 5 mile radious, and got the list.  Then I saved the list as a text file.
> : >
> : > Well, the documentation shows nothing about how to import the data except to say that it is a text file.
> : >
> : > Please, I can find no documentation anywhere that explains exactly what a person is suppose to do.  I don't even know if I am saving the data the way it is suppose to be saved and there is no documentation that gives any directions on how this process is done
> : >
> : > Can you take it from 44.762725 -93.304210 with a radious of 10 miles.  Now what do I do once the information is being displayed on the screen in Internet explorer?
> : >
> : > Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
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