[Loadstone] How to download and import map data

David Tanner david-tanner at peoplepc.com
Sun Jul 16 21:01:04 BST 2006

I have just tried this again, and used a 1 mile radious.  This time the resulting file was 53K in size.  I tried to import it and Loadstone crashed again.  Surely there is something else that needs to be done or the file isn't being saved right.  Everything goes fine until I try to actually import the file and that is when it ends with a Loadstone crash and the dialog "Cloase Loadstone".  Once I take the OK there I am back in the phone's menu of applications.

Help, help, help!

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: Hello David,
: You are exporting correctly and there should be plenty of
: points in that area, the U.S. judging by your coordinates. 
: Basically, you would input those coordinates, pick your
: radius and right chick submit, choose save as and save it
: as a text file.  Copy that file over to the phone, startup
: Loadstone, press soft key 1 to get the options menu. 
: Select file and import database and import the file you
: copied over.  The resultant import may take some time but
: once done, you should have the tiger points for your area.
: Best,
: Shane
: On Sat, Jul 15, 2006 at 11:09:47PM -0500, David Tanner wrote:
: > Ok, I put in the longitude and latitude, chose 5 mile radious, and got the list.  Then I saved the list as a text file.  
: > 
: > Well, the documentation shows nothing about how to import the data except to say that it is a text file.
: > 
: > Please, I can find no documentation anywhere that explains exactly what a person is suppose to do.  I don't even know if I am saving the data the way it is suppose to be saved and there is no documentation that gives any directions on how this process is done 
: > 
: > Can you take it from 44.762725 -93.304210 with a radious of 10 miles.  Now what do I do once the information is being displayed on the screen in Internet explorer?
: > 
: > Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
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