[Loadstone] How to download and import map data

David Tanner david-tanner at peoplepc.com
Sun Jul 16 20:04:44 BST 2006

That is what I did, but every time I attempt to import the file Loadstone crashes.  I am assuming I should use the default name that is given in the "save as" menu in Internet Explorer, and that I should be saving the file as a text file with a *.txt extension and not as some kind of html file.

Also, is there a suggested size in terms of radious that might effect whether the file is too large.

I am using a Nokea 6600 and transfered the file to the phone using PC Suite over an infrared connection.  Is there any problem with doing that?

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: Hello.
: Documentation on this is needed and is being written. I'll try to explain 
: and hopefully it'll make sence.
: Once you have saved the list as a text file you need to transfer that file 
: to your phone. This process can very depending on what phone you have. I 
: have an ngage so I can just use the usb cable to move the file to the 
: propper place. With most phones you have to use the bluetooth link. When the 
: file is on the phone it needs to be in the 
: system/apps/loadstone/importexport directory. What drive this directory is 
: on will depend on where you installed the program. If you installed to phone 
: memory then it'll be the c: or d: drive. If you installed to the memory card 
: then it's probably the e: drive. Once the file is in the propper place then 
: start up loadstone, go to the file menu and select the import option. A list 
: of files will come up. If there's only one file in the importexport 
: directory then that'll be the only one in this list. Select the file and the 
: import process will start. The phone should say what table it's importing, 
: starting with table point. If you're using talks these messages can 
: sometimes walk over each other thoe. Depending on how big the point list is 
: this may take quite a long time. Durint the import the screen's backlight 
: will turn on every 30 seconds or so to let you know it's still running. Once 
: the import finishes the program will return with the loadstone window and 
: say "done". Then you're ready to go.
: This process is kind of complicated and we're working on ways to make this 
: easier and more streamlined. Better documentation of this will be up soon.
: Shawn
: On Sat, 15 Jul 2006, David Tanner wrote:
: > Ok, I put in the longitude and latitude, chose 5 mile radious, and got the list.  Then I saved the list as a text file.
: >
: > Well, the documentation shows nothing about how to import the data except to say that it is a text file.
: >
: > Please, I can find no documentation anywhere that explains exactly what a person is suppose to do.  I don't even know if I am saving the data the way it is suppose to be saved and there is no documentation that gives any directions on how this process is done
: >
: > Can you take it from 44.762725 -93.304210 with a radious of 10 miles.  Now what do I do once the information is being displayed on the screen in Internet explorer?
: >
: > Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
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