[Loadstone] New feature: Bread crumbs

Raymond Jansen r.jansen at wanadoo.nl
Sun Jul 16 14:24:59 BST 2006

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for answering my questions.

I think we should start a discussion about new features we would like to see 
on the LoadStone software. So I start the first discussion about the bread 
crumb feature.

You see this feature on most of the handheld units from Garmin and Magillan. 
I will explain the feature and add some extra things that would be nice to 

After starting this feature, a new track, every x seconds (should be set by 
the user) the current position (if different from the previous one) is 
stored as part of the current track.
The user can give this track with all the waypoints a name, and activate it 
later as a route, or use it to walk back along this track. Or Open a 
existing track and start adding new waypoints.
During the creation, or afterwards, the user can label specific waypoints 
and add comments such as Watch out for ..., or turn left 45 degrees.
It should also be possible to delete the waypoints that are not needed such 
as those created every x seconds during a long walk without any changes such 
as turns or added comments. It would be nice if the user can manually delete 
individual waypoints or specify two waypoints and delete all the waypoints 
between them that don't have any label and/or comment.
Creating a label during a walk should be easy. Just pressing a key should 
create a label like WPL1 for the first label and increase the number for 
each next added waypoint label. Pressing this key with the shift key will 
give the possibility to enter a personal label for the current position.
I think that if the last label was not a personal one and has the name WPL15 
and the user creates a personal label and calls it "Mainstreet Crossing", 
and the next label is not a personal one, it should be labeled as WPL17.
So if the user likes to remove the personal label "Mainstreet Crossing", it 
can be renamed to WPL16.
It must also be possible to delete waypoints and/or comments. So a function 
to Relabel/renumber the automatic created labels would be nice.
I don'tknow if the current memo feature in LoadStone adds this memo to a 
point, but if so, this could also be used to add comments to a special 
waypoint/label. Afterwards the user can create a text label for all the 
spoken memos and delete them.

The Track menu could have the following functions:
New Track
Start/Stop Track
Backward Track
Open/Close Track
Modify Track
Relabel Track (or part of the Modify Track menu)
Delete Track
Export/Import Track

So, this is just a starting point of the discussion, any suggestions are 

So Shawn, I hope you will get some input for future updates :-) .



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