[Loadstone] installing maps

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Sun Jul 16 07:15:44 BST 2006

A step by step guide of how to install the point data is currently being 
written. Hopefully this will be up on the site in the next day or so.
The software can be used without a gps receiver. If you have points loaded 
then you can use exploration mode to look around. Unfortunately this 
requires that you have been connected to a gps receiver at least once to get 
a starting point.
The program also allows you to assign names to cell sites and this feature 
doesn't require a gps receiver. This can be used to give you a general idea 
of your location depending on the cell site in question. Depending on how 
well covered your area is the accuracy of this can very widely.


On Sat, 15 Jul 2006, chaman wrote:

> hello list,
> can someone guide me to installing the points of interest into my nokia 6600 i need the maps for England. and is it possible to use the software without a reciever? if so please could you say how.
> please could someone get back to me as soon as possible thank.
> chaman

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