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Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Sun Jul 16 06:54:24 BST 2006

I'll try to explain about the map data since this seems to be a common 
question so far. At present we don't have maps in the traditional sence. 
What we have is a collection of points. For Canada and the united states we 
happen to have points for street intercections. Getting this data for Europe 
is proving to be a problem. The reason for this is that traditional map data 
is very expensive and is licensed under restrictive terms. Since Loadstone 
gps is a free project we need the data to be free as well. Some countries 
such as Canada and the united states are starting to make data available 
freely. This will probably continue with other countries in time but it will 
probably take a while. But the more people that use the program and mark 
points the better the database will get. When countries make data available 
we'll import that as well.
As for the data format, it is specific to Loadstone. This is because other 
gps programs don't make there map formats freely available so we can't make 
them compatable even thoe we'd very much like to. Our format is just a text 
file that you import in to the program.

As for the automatic tracks or bread crumbs feature, I like that idea. I'll 
have to look in to implementing that. Do other units do this? If so, how do 
they do it? Any ideas on this feature would be appreciated.
This program is still very new and at present there are only two of us 
working on the actual code. This means there will be some rough edges but 
the more feedback we get from users the sooner those will get worked out.


On Sat, 15 Jul 2006, Raymond Jansen wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm just subscribed to this list and would like to say hello to the list.
>> From the members overview I do understand that I'm the first member living
> in the Netherlands.
> My phone, a Nokia N70, is just charging, so I didn't install the software
> yet.
> Just a question about maps. Do they have to be in a special format? I'm a
> WayFinder user, and will try to use the WayFinder maps, but I"m just
> wondering if LoadStone will be able to use them.
> And a question for the developer(s), are there plans to implement the
> possibility of creating tracks automatically (let the program create the so
> called bread crumbs every x seconds)?
> Regards,
> Raymond
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