[Loadstone] Lattitude and Longitude Distance Calculation

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Fri Dec 22 16:59:51 GMT 2006

Can I ask someone to calculate the distance between the two points below?  I 
am attempting to convert center line data for the Appalachian Trail in 
preparation to using Loadstone to hike it.  The data file contains
over 300,000 points.  The points below represent the first and twentieth 
points.  I believe I can convert the data myself but don't want to convert
over 300,000 points.  First, that would take a great deal of time.  Second, 
that would probably overwhelm my phone and my ability to deal with the data
I would have.  Therefore, I want a representative sample or number of 
points.  I thought every twentieth point might be a good number to get an 
idea of the distance between two points.  I intend to use that information 
to decide how many points to convert.

I have good shelter data and will probably get data for other landmarks.
There are about 300 shelters in an over 2,000 mile-long trail.  That leaves
large gaps about which I have no information.  I want to convert enough
center line data to make sure I know where I'm going between named points
for which I have data.  I want something similar to the white blazes sighted
people use to hike the same trail.  Any help calculating distances between
points would be appreciated.

34.626563 -84.193983
34.631090 -84.195465

Thank You and Happy Holidays,

Mike Hanson

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