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slery slerythema at insightbb.com
Fri Dec 22 07:16:14 GMT 2006

Thanks.  I'm on a limited budget so I have been keeping my eye on ebay and
hoping to get one in my price range.


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Hello Cindy,

The Holux Slim 236 and the Holux GR236 are identical models.

If you are considering a GPS purchase, you may also want to consider the
Royaltek RBT-2010.  Often this Royaltek model is rebranded.  For example,
www.expansys.com sells (or did sell) a Royaltek RBT-2010 GPS receiver
under the  name: seidio RBT-2010.  If you Google for Seidio or rbt-2010 you
should   find something!  Some reports from this list possibly give the
Royaltek a slight edge in performance!

Best regards,

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