[Loadstone] Loadstone on Nokia 6600

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Thu Dec 21 23:08:28 GMT 2006

For the moment the separate versions of loadstone have been removed so the 
current version will work on the 6600. That's strange that you would have 
lost your points when upgrading, that should not happen. Did you upgrade the 
existing installed version or remove it first and then install the new 
version? The best way to upgrade is just to upgrade, not remove and then 
reinstall. The program shouldn't be crashing either. I'd turn off the 
autolabel cells feature, it's a good way to get a lot of polution in your 

On Thu, 21 Dec 2006, Paul Hopewell wrote:

> Hello,
> I recently installed Loadstone 0.65 on my Nokia 6600. It works OK but does
> seem to crash quite often, especially when I have autoannounce of checked
> points and / or autolable cells set on.
> I noted that the install instructions said that there was a special version
> for the Nokia 6600 but I could not find that special version on the
> Loadstone WEB site and so installed the standard version. Should the
> standard version work OK on the Nokia 6600? If not where can I find the
> special version?
> I had previously had Loadstone 0.63 installed, and after upgrading to
> Loadstone 0.65 I noticed that my labeled points had been deleted. Before I
> upgrade again to a different level of Loadstone is it sufficient to use the
> Loadstone file option to export all points to memory on my phone before the
> upgrade, and then import them after the upgrade; or do I have to move the
> Loadstone database to my computer before the Loadstone upgrade and then
> import it again after the Loadstone upgrade.
> Many thanks.
> Paul Hopewell
> hopewell at hopewell.org.uk

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