[Loadstone] extremely beginner question

Gary Steeves g.steeves at telus.net
Wed Dec 20 04:30:43 GMT 2006

>Hello List:

Well I've been lurking here for sometime and have finally decided to 
download loadstone.  I'm not at the point where I'm using a gps unit 
yet. One baby step at a time.

My first question is quite simple. Does anyone know where I can get a 
layout of my nokia 6620 phone keypad?  I don't do text messaging on 
my phone so have no idea how to input my characters (as instructed in 
the getting started manual) or do simple things like delete incorrect 
characters. If anyone has anysuggestions they'd be greatly appreciated.


Gary Steeves, BSW, RSW
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Vancouver, BC  V5T 2R2
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Email: g.steeves at telus.net
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