[Loadstone] Help needed Shawn.

Monty Lilburn monty at loadstone-gps.com
Mon Dec 18 16:40:31 GMT 2006

Hi Aedan,

It sounds to me like your problem relates to the fact that you had your 
receiver in NMEA mode while using Sirf demo.  I try not to use that 
program if I can help it and haven't in  a couple of years!  If memory 
serves and from what others have posted on this list, you need to have 
SiRF demo and your receiver set to be using SiRF mode rather than NMEA 
mode.  Rob posted some info including warnings about SiRF demo on the 22nd 
and 23rd of November (2006) so you might want to check out the list 

The power switch definitely does need to be turned on when doing this 
stuff though and if I were to take a guess (it's only a guess) I would 
imagine the the baudrate would be 38400.

Be careful and good luck...


On Mon, 18 Dec 2006, Aedan O'Meara wrote:

> Hi Shawn,
> I now have the serial data cable for my Holux slim 236 and have tried to
> disable the SN without success so far.
> The cable is recognised in win xp and put up on the programs menu.
> Under device manager the serial port 17 comes up with a baud rate of
> 9600 and is identified as Holux.
> Going into sirfdemo i could only get sw recognition by ticking off odata
> etc in the settings. I was then allowed to get at static navigation  and
> send the disable command. Nothing seems to happen but under the
> assumption that it had I clicked on nmea mode and then after powering up
> the gps it kept timing out! Loadstone kept saying clock has stopped
> ticking after 5 secs and yet it could still find the Holux gps every
> time!. I assumed that the nmea mode had not taken so I then tried to
> reset to nmea bagain ut had no success until I reset the baud rate
> offered when you select nmea to 38400. This did change me back to nmea
> and the nmea option was then greyed out indicating that I was now in
> that mode.
> However, the SN is still on! but at least the gps is working fine in all
> other respects again without having had to pull the battery.
> That Sirfdemo is certainly very spongy!
> Questions:
> 1. Should the power switch be on or off in the Holux gps when using the
> cable?
> 2. Is there any indication given by sirfdemo to verify that the SN is
> turned off?I assume "disable"is the correct command to use here.
> 3. What are the correct baud rates to use?
> 4. When resetting to nmea mode are all the settings offered in the list
> box correct to zap into the gps? I seem to remember reading somewhere
> hthat some of these need changing before sending. Was it something to do
> with the number of channels scanned?
> I wonder if you can remember the steps necessary when you did this to
> your earlier Holux model.
> Regards
> Aedan.
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