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Sat Dec 16 18:10:32 GMT 2006

Hi Paul,

Welcome to the club.

During my first run with Loadstone I labeled a number of points using 'Save 
current' after I had reached the point and stopped to enter it. I'm a slow 
phone-typer, so it took me let's say 8 seconds to complete the entry. The 
points were in a familiar route. Walking this route several times proved 
the points to be accurate within 4 meters. Later I entered the points 
again, this time using 'Save from commencement' and found the differences 
to be non significant. Again, I walked up to the point, stopped, waited 
about 1 second before pressing the hash key and typed in the label. This 
was before 'Static Threshold' was implemented. I've got a similar receiver 
as you have. Standing still also showed a fair amount of drift after 1 
second. Now I have 'Static Threshold' set to 1 km and re-labeling points 
seems to be a waste of time, they are where they should be. If , by some 
odd circumstances, a point proves to be way out of line, I update it using 
'Save using current' which usually does the job. So no need to pass a point 
to accurately label it and even with ST set to 0 km it should work fine.

'Save from commencement' comes in handy when on a bus or in a car and 
trying to label a point that you pass along the way.



At 12/16/2006, you wrote:
>I am a new blind Loadstone user. I received my GPS receiver (a Holux GR236 
>slim) a couple of days ago and have been trying it out.
>I would appreciate advice on the best (most accurate) way to capture 
>points of interest, which will be mostly named street intersections. the 
>easiest thing for me to do is to walk to the POI, stop at the POI, press 
>the hash key on my phone to enter POI details, and then save these using 
>the "save from commencement" option. However if I do this and while 
>standing at the POI press the joystick on my phone to locate the nearest 
>POI I notice that the bearing and distance of the POI I just defined keeps 
>changing, sometimes by 20 meters or more.
>I recall that the Loadstone documentation mentions the need to keep moving 
>to avoid static drift. I am not clear on whether you only need to keep 
>moving to capture a sensible bearing, or whether you also need to keep 
>moving to capture an accurate GPS position. If you only need to keep 
>moving to capture a sensible bearing then I could presumably set the 
>Loadstone option "static threshold" to say 2 kph to force Loadstone to 
>remember the bearing from when I was most recently walking at more than 2 
>kph. If I need to keep moving to capture an accurate GPS position then 
>presumably I have to walk past the POI and as I pass the POI press the 
>hash key to start entering POI details. Presumably I can then stop and 
>enter the POI details and save the POI using the "save from commencement" 
>What do you recommend? It is clearly easier to stop at the POI, especially 
>if I need to locate a POI like a post box which I could miss if I had to 
>keep moving and press a mobile phone key as I pass the POI.
>Many thanks in anticipation of your advice.
>Paul Hopewell
><mailto:hopewell at hopewell.org.uk>hopewell at hopewell.org.uk
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