[Loadstone] Updated POI converter.

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Mon Dec 11 23:49:45 GMT 2006


Give us an idea of the size of .csv files you are talking about. The limit 
on the converter is 300 KB or 10 thousand points at the moment. For an 
on-line tool that has to convert this 'on the fly' that's about it as far 
as speed is concerned. To 'pre process' the downloaded .csv files you need 
the same amount of work that is now put into converting. What's the problem 
in splitting up the .csv files? Are you talking about megabytes? For as far 
as I've seen files from POI-Factory most of them don't exceed the 300 KB 
limit, but I haven't downloaded them all. I'd be happy to convert any 
'huge' file and restrict it to an area you like, but the on-line tool just 
doesn't handle MB files. Question of bandwith and processing power. I'm not 
aware of any Windows based tool that would pre process .csv files the way 
you propose.

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