[Loadstone] Start and stop tracking.

Rusty Perez rustys.lists at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 15:11:21 GMT 2006

This makes me wish that we had some way of using this for ourselves in


On 12/9/06, Deborah Norling <debee at jfcl.com> wrote:
> The logging feature seems very very accurate. I can see that you are simply
> dumping raw NMEAsentences to a file, but none are ever missed.
> Each day I ride paratransit and the route is frequently different depending
> on who we pick up.
> Each day, for the past couple of weeks, morning and night, I've logged my
> trip.
> At home I convert the nmea.log file to gpl which is the route format for
> Delorme Street Atlas. My husband who is sighted runs it at tripple speed on
> Delorme Street Atlas USA and he can tell me exactly where I went. He can
> also tell how long we stop at places, either to unload a passenger or even
> when we stop at a long light for traffic.
> We are doing this for no other reason than that we're both kind of nerdy.
> --Debee
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