[Loadstone] Start and stop tracking.

Deborah Norling debee at jfcl.com
Sun Dec 10 05:20:42 GMT 2006

The logging feature seems very very accurate. I can see that you are simply
dumping raw NMEAsentences to a file, but none are ever missed.

Each day I ride paratransit and the route is frequently different depending
on who we pick up.

Each day, for the past couple of weeks, morning and night, I've logged my

At home I convert the nmea.log file to gpl which is the route format for
Delorme Street Atlas. My husband who is sighted runs it at tripple speed on
Delorme Street Atlas USA and he can tell me exactly where I went. He can
also tell how long we stop at places, either to unload a passenger or even
when we stop at a long light for traffic. 

We are doing this for no other reason than that we're both kind of nerdy.


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