[Loadstone] Approach time and SN

Aedan O'Meara aomeara at IOL.IE
Sat Dec 9 16:09:03 GMT 2006

HI Shawn,
I incorrectly used the term premature announcing of points in my last note
to this list.
I meant the unwanted calling out of checked points that are getting caught
in the radius of interest with an approach time of 10 secs. Of course this
radius changes with the speed of approach. I am now using an approach time
of 04 secs and am absolutely satisfied with the program to the extent that I
no longer am interested in a serial points route idea.
I see this as a Loadstone fine tuning issue rather than any reflection on
Holux slim 236.
AS previously stated by me I fully realise that this is a totally different
problem to the SN issue.
I have gone back to using Loadstone v0.63 which I prefer with regard to the
manner of announcing approaching points.
Finally, I have found the stevemorse.org web site excellent for getting any
Lat and Long in Ireland. I hope to build a database of the main towns and
villages here with this tool.
The site is:
It is worth a look.


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