[Loadstone] Approach time and reverse headings!

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Fri Dec 8 13:52:07 GMT 2006

I think a lot of problems will be solved when your receiver gets working 
propperly. It sounds like you have pretty much the worst situation for 
testing if the receiver is giving incorrect data. Once the receiver works 
propperly you may want to check the accuracy of your marked points. You may 
find the accuracy to be quite off if the receiver hadn't caught up to your 
position when you marked points.
The reason you can't get the approach time below 10 seconds is because of 
how often the program does the point checking. This is every 5 seconds but 
that timer isn't what I'd call exact and depending on how much time the 
program spends doing the check and possibly announcing a point the interval 
is probably closer to 10 seconds. Setting the time lower than the checking 
interval won't improve things. If anything you'd probably get less time than 
you'd set if that happened. I'm not sure why Loadstone is allowing you to 
set an approach time of 4 but what you actually get is probably either 5 
seconds or an announcement after you've passed the point or are right on top 
of it. Either way things will probably be pretty shaky at that value.
I'm not sure why you'd have so many problems with points prematurely 
announcing unless they're very close together. I'm enclined to think it's 
your receiver and things should improve a lot once it's working.

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