[Loadstone] Approach time and reverse headings!

Aedan O'Meara aomeara at iol.ie
Fri Dec 8 11:40:58 GMT 2006

Hi Shawn and Rusty,
Firstly, Shawn, thanks for reply. I used a setting of 04 today in the
Approach time setting and this was very comfortable and there was no
calling out of checked points on adjacent streets. Point taken on the
fact that this may well be too low in a train or country bus doing high
speed. However, Cork city is now choking itself to death traffic wise as
the roads can no longer cope with the "Celtic tiger". A three mile
journey from my home to work is now taking up to 1 hour on a bus! So our
public transport is not exactly doing high speed. 
This is a totally different problem regarding the approach time as
distinct from the SN problem. 
I feel that even with SN turned off this approach time setting if set at
10 secs will still call out points prematurely whilst walking. This is
already happening to me at certain points where the points are one
parallel road away. So, dare I suggest that this time value be stored
with the point itself as most of us would have totally different points
once we are off the bus or train? I know this would mean re-jigging the
Anyway, this may not be relevant if the setting of 04 suits pedestrian
approach, we will know when I get my data cable. 
Finally, you did not answer my question re why it is so difficult to
change the approach time and approach distance below 10 in each case. 
Now to Rusty, I too experienced this behaviour whilst walking and it
took a quick spurt (dangerous!) up to 6kph to get the gps to correct
itself! So I now know from the reply you got why this is happening. 

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