[Loadstone] Some observations re points.

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Thu Dec 7 01:07:31 GMT 2006

You keep mentioning the approach speed setting, there's no such setting. I 
assume you mean approach distance. The minimum on this is 10 meters. That's 
about as accurate as you'd need with gps accuracy and the point's accuracy. 
This gives you a radius of about 30 feet. Or do you mean approach time? The 
minimum for this is 10 seconds. This is the primary setting that controls 
point announcing.
All point names in Loadstone are lower case. This is to reduce the work load 
on the database during point searches. I'm not surprised that talks wouldn't 
handle abriviations propperly. I've been thinking of putting some handling 
for this since it seems unlikely that talks will ever have a propper 
dictionary manager.

On Wed, 6 Dec 2006, Aedan O'Meara wrote:

> Hi Shawn,
> The other day I tried changing the approach speed setting to 02, it needs
> the leading 0 to take, and hey presto the multiple calling of too many
> points has ceased!
> Is the restriction to 10 on this setting deliberate or is it a bug?
> I know that one may need to increase the approach distance a bit to
> compensate but the difference to performance is fantastic.
> I no longer feel the need for a serial route as discussed before.
> In close city use the speed definitely needs to be reduced. The setting of
> 10 seems to me to be more suitable to a rural setting.
> On a totally different topic, I noticed that when naming a point Loadstone
> doesn't allow capitalisation of the leading character. Is this deliberate?
> The effect of this is that Talks will not say "Street" for "St." and this
> means that I have had to spell out all points longhand., where abbreviations
> would have done.
> I notice that the # key is fixed on lower case in update mode. Is this for
> any special reason?
> The Data cable has not arrived yet - re turning off SN in Holux.
> Regards
> Aedan.
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