[Loadstone] File format problem.

Monty Lilburn monty at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Dec 5 16:01:31 GMT 2006

Hello Gabriel,

First, can I suggest that you take a look at a file exported by Loadstone 
or by the PointShare Exchange?  This will allow you to better understand 
the format and requirements of a file suitable for importation into 

Two immediate problems spring to mind after looking at your example.

Although there are 8 columns, you only have data for 3.  (name, lat, lon) 
You must include information for the other columns.  For your purposesyou 
could probably set accuracy, satellites, and priority all to 0; userid to 
match that of which is in the userid column in files exported by your 
phone; and ID should be a unique number (a sequential counter).

The second problem I can see is that your longitude and latitude values 
contain a decimal point.  If you look at exported examples these do not 
contain a decimal point and are made up of the whole-number portion of the 
lon/lat followed by the decimal portion of the lon/lat padded by zeros if 
necessary to the 7th place.


Best regards,

On Tue, 5 Dec 2006, Gabriel Battaglia wrote:

> Hi everybody.
> In Italy we have something like PoisFactory: a large collection of POI
> freely downloadable. They are mainly in OV2 format, the POI file for TomTom.
> I've got the converter and after some test I've a txt file with point name,
> latitude and longitude.
> I've downloaded and converted a very important POI collection, for blind
> italian user, which contains 716 italian railway stations.
> Now I'm trying to import it in LS but I have got an error: incorrect number
> of field at line... Every lines. The importing process continues to give
> these error for several time till talks or phone crashes and nothing will be
> imported.
> This file has 3 field each record what's matter for a POI. Here I'm pasting
> an example.
> Can you help me to find out what going on?
> Thanks.
> Note: the headers was been added by me in order to let LS recognize it has a
> database, Did I do it well?
> ***
> table,point
> name,latitude,longitude,accuracy,satellites,priority,userid,id
> "Porto Torres (Porto Torres)",40.84064,8.40196
> "Stazione Di Oristano Piazza Ungheria (Oristano)",39.90182,8.60383
> "Stazione Di Cagliari Centrale Piazza Giacomo Matteotti (Cagliari)
> >070654695",39.21553,9.10921
> "A.r.s.t. Piazza Giacomo Matteotti (Cagliari) >0704098",39.21501,9.10937
> "Cagliari/stazione Marittima (Cagliari)",39.21311,9.11143
> "Pani Calata Darsena (Cagliari)",39.21207,9.11538
> "Santa Teresa Gallura/saremar (Santa Teresa Gallura)
> >078975415",41.23770,9.19416
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