[Loadstone] My adventures Converting files

Deborah Norling debee at jfcl.com
Sun Dec 3 02:58:29 GMT 2006

I used the Loadstone log feature to capture the raw NMEA sentences to a
file. Then I used the free GPSBabel to convert them to DeLorme GPL.


My sighted husband really likes maps, so I bought him the Delorme Street
Atlas USA for an early Xmas gift. He can now tell me exactly where the bus
or my paratransit driver went!


If you have sighted friends who enjoy this kind of thing, check out:

            http://www.gpsbabel.org <http://www.gpsbabel.org/>  


it can convert to and from an amazing number of formats and is all
console-based. Runs on my linux box too, and has a windows GUI interface
that's speech friendly.




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