[Loadstone] Ideas on how to help

Deborah Norling debee at jfcl.com
Sun Dec 3 02:35:06 GMT 2006

Dear Loadstone developers,


Besides making a paypal donation, I have some ideas on how I can help. I'm
really using the program after making my database smaller - and want to give


1 - I scan textbooks in my  job. About a year ago I scanned the Symbian
Series 60 developer manual from Nokia. It's huge. If any of you want it I
can supply the book in tiff, word, rtf, text, audio Daisy, MP3 or PDF with
both image and text. I would OCR it again with the newest engines - I have
OmniPage 15 and Kurzweil 3000 and 1000. I think K1000 with fineReader will
do the best job on the C++ examples, but the book is more explanation than
code, so OmniPage does a bit better with complex page layouts. Let me know.


2 - I have a road runner I want to sell. I can use your flea market or Ebay.
I can donate all proceeds to Loadstone. I would include its original CD and
latest (Win XP-compatible) drivers and load it up with books, for example
"GPS for dummies" might be a choice.


3 - I can read the Loadstone manual aloud and make an MP3 for your site.







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