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Fri Dec 1 13:51:23 GMT 2006

Hi Aeden,

With the clamp lifted from the internal nbattery your receiver went back to 
factory settings. No way it will remember the trip you took it on. Best 
wait for the cable to arrive and give it another shot. BTW, almanacs aren't 
that important, they provide a means to find sats, but even without an 
almanac your receiver will receive ephemirus data that is transmitted every 
30 seconds. This data is valid for at least 4 hours, so the receiver knows 
where it is by calculating the distance to the sats. On my AD750 receiver 
the baudrates caused no problem, but since SN was turned off anyway I 
didn't need to make any adjustments. I still think it's funny that even the 
newer Holux's still show this behaviour of SN at 5 km. The latest rumors 
were that they had turned it off. Wish you good luck on your next try.


At 12/1/2006, you wrote:
>Hi Shawn,
>Yes, studying the lengthy tutorial in Rob's package it seems this
>problem still persists with Holux v236. A lister in that tutorial
>describes the same exact problem with the 236. One guy on that list was
>so fed up he sold off his GPS and says he will come back in a few years
>when we have it all sorted out!
>Anyway, I found one source for the Holux data cable costing Pounds
>sterling 13.95 in Hongkong and I have purchased that yesterday. Possibly
>a few weeks before it arrives here.
>I observed a funny behaviour today coming into work. Stage one of my
>journey is pedestrian and gps behaved so well here in giving headings
>that I began to think that SN was off. However, after the next stage, a
>bus journey of three miles, and heading out on the last pedestrian part
>of my journey, I had 10 sats but inspite of giving little "spurts"
>(waiting for old ladies to go flying in all directions!) I could not get
>any heading reading update until I went faster than 6kph!
>I wonder if the Holux was influenced in some way in its almanac or
>something after the bus ride to respond to a threshold higher than the
>Regards to all,
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