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Hi Brett,

When labeling a point in Navigation mode pressing Softkey 1 (options key) 
will bring up two relevant choices while your GPS reciever is connected.

Choosing "From Commencement" will save the point with the longitude and 
latitude coordinates that Loadstone recorded when you pressed the 
NumberSign key.  This lets you press the NumberSign key and take your time 
while entering a textual string to label the point.  This is probably most 
useful while creating a point on the move.  If you only had the "save 
using current" choice, and were moving at the time - by the time you 
finished entering the text string and saving the point you could be quite 
far from the intended location.

"Save using Current" will use the longitude and latitude coordinates 
recorded by Loadstone once you press the "save using current" option.

To put it another way, "From Commencement" saves using coordinate 
information from the initial NumberSign key press and "Save Using Current" 
saves with information gathered when you finished entering the point 
string and numeric values.

Hope that helped!
   Best Regards,

  On Thu, 24 Aug 2006, Brett wrote:

> Hi all,
> The below email also made me think of a question. When creating a point
> and you label it and press options, there is an option in that menu
> called "from commencement". What does this option do and when would you
> want to use it.
> Many thanks,
> Brett.
> BTW I have borrowed a friends GPS receiver for the week and have been
> madly playing with loadstone and am quite impressed with what it can do.
> I labelled a point at the exit to my local train station and when coming
> home today Loadstone said the exit was to my left. It's usually to the
> right and I thought it was being effected by storm clouds, but loadstone
> was correct, not me, Boo Hoo!. A GPS receiver is next on my shopping
> list, then a donation to Loadstone. Thanks for making this available to
> us all.
> Many thanks,
> Brett.
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> You can delete a point by going to exploration mode, moving to the
> point,
> hit key 1 and select the functions menu, then scroll down to delete
> point,
> it's quite a few options down. Then you'll be asked to confirm that you
> want
> to delete the point. If so, hit yes and that's it.
> You can keep your maps separate by creating another database. To do this
> go
> to the file menu and select load database. If you want to create a new
> blank
> database then select new file and give it a name. To load an existing
> database just choose the file from the list.
> On Wed, 23 Aug 2006, Jeff wrote:
>> I have a couple of questions.  First, I am having trouble deleting a
>> point that I created.  With my GPS enabled I have gone to Exploration
>> Mode and moved to the point, and when I press the pound/hash key
>> followed by Key 1, my choices are from commencement, saving, save
>> using current or update. There is no choice to delete the point.
>> Isn't there a way to delete the point?  Also I am unclear on how to
>> import new maps without including the original map.  I know when you
>> first load the program that there is a default file under
>> system/apps/loadstone/databases.  That file is empty of points until
>> you create points or until you import a map from the point share
>> on-line server.  Now if I import a map from my local area, and then
>> later import a map from some other area that I will be visiting, how
>> do I keep from importing the maps together?  Another words how do I
>> deep my local map separate from some other maps?  I know that
>> depending on how big the database file is it will take longer for
>> Loadstone to access it.  I hope my questions are clear.  Please let me
>> know if you need more information.
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