[Loadstone] a question

Quinten Pendle pendlepro at isat.co.za
Tue Aug 15 16:44:10 BST 2006

Hi everybody
In my quest to obtain a gps receiver that is worthwhile, without ruining
myself financially, I am looking at 1 of 4 options, and any help/advice
would be appreciated:
The first receiver is the "ZYCAST G-278 GPS BLUETOOTH RECEIVER - NEMERIX
-16 SAT"
The second is the "BT-74R Bluetooth GPS Receiver 32 Channels Sat Nav"
The third option is the "BLUETOOTH GPS RECEIVER  for PDA Garmin, NOKIA,
cellphone and SAT NAV"
The last option is the "Holux GPSlim 236 Bluetooth GPS Receiver SiRF
Star III 3"

I found these on www.bidorbuy.co.za
Any hints would be helpful.
Best regards
Quinten Pendle
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