[Loadstone] Loadstone and GPS query

Brett brett06 at tpg.com.au
Tue Aug 15 12:09:13 BST 2006

Hi all,

I don't yet have a bluetooth GPS receiver, but am intending to get one. 

Anyway, I met up with a friend of mine at the train station on the way
home from work, he has a bluetooth receiver, which he uses with
StreetTalk. I wanted to give it a quick try with Loadstone, I got it
connected with out any hassle and marked a POI, I then walked about 5
meters down the platform and marked another point. I disconnected my
friends GPS receiver as his train arrived. 

I started playing with the exploration mode, and while trying to find my
closest point and the direction I would have to travel to get to it.
Anyway, both of the points I marked are moving around in a clockwise
circle. I have no GPS receiver connected and would have expected that
Loadstone would remember my last position and looking around, I would
have been able to find the other point and that it's direction would be
static. However, Loadstone seems to think I am somewhere in the middle
of these two points and both are gradually moving clockwise. It takes
about a minute and a half for one point to move from north, all the way
around back to north. 

Is this suppose to happen? If so, how can you reliably determine the
direction you should be travelling in, when the direction of the point
keeps changing according to loadstone. If this isn't the way these
things are suppose to work, do you have any ideas what the problem could

The bluetooth receiver is a Globalsat BT338 which is a SiRF3 one, if
that makes a difference.

Hope this message makes some sense and thanks for any advice,

Pretty cool that the world can spin with out me even having a drink,

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