[Loadstone] issues noticed with loadstone

Jim Ruby jim at blindsea.com
Mon Aug 14 11:40:14 BST 2006


I have noticed the following connectivity issues when using loadstone
I post these now as I did not see any bug fixes for V0.62 and will post 
an update to this message only if I notice a difference in the latest V0.62

When you have everything connected such as your bt gps and working. and 
you do one of the following:

1 close the gps application often when you start the application back up 
again the loadstone willnot find the gps it will say already connected.

2. turn off your bluetooth option in your phone then start loadstone and 
try to connect to your gps.
a. it does not ask you to turn bluetooth on
b. if you go turn bluetooth on at this point you again get stuck in the 
already connected loop and can not connect to the gps.

3. turn your gps off and wait for loadstone to loose the connection then 
turn it back on again.

the only way I have found to get things back in sync is to restart the 

loadstone should always check to see if bluetooth is on, if not notify 
that bluetooth is currently off and prompt to turn it on. Most 
applications that I have used that require bt do this.

When the program starts logic must be in place to see if it has a reel 
gps connection.

When loadstone says you are already connected in the gps menu it does 
not give you the command menu so you can not disconnect the gps from the 
application and you can not try to reconnect cause when you choose 
search for gps or connect default gps you get the already connect message.

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