[Loadstone] maps

Jim Ruby jim at blindsea.com
Tue Aug 8 20:00:38 BST 2006

This is great, first when I was born I got a name, then I grew up and I 
was given a number and now I am turned in to a red dot. Soon I'll be in 
the ground and the number filed away, the red no longer of use to me and 
I'll be given a plot.

Whats next.

Sorry Just had to get a little humor in today. Now for the product I 
have had no problems with the latest version of the loadstone gps. I'll 
be importing more points today and will let you know how that goes. For 
some reason I do not see the save points option nore the rout option in 
my menu structure. I have not seen ever since I started using the 
product. I will have another go this afternoon and give you better details.

John Gallagher wrote:
> Hi list
> maps are difficult to make work with a blind orientated product as 
> they are so visual. the braille note gps which is really sendero 
> group gps took ages to get maps working. I think it is a bit like 
> labelling a graphic.
> in most cases a gps system has you as a red dot on a screen and it is 
> all visual. I think maps could be very difficult to get right.
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