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Goldfingas goldfingas at cox.net
Tue Aug 8 17:17:54 BST 2006

The only thing I can suggest is a renaming of the buttons, I was slightly
confused on what to click on, I figured it out threw trial and error though.

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I'll try to address some of your comments. Since the database is community
driven we have to count on the users to upload points that make sence. As we
all know, there's no accounting for what some people will upload to a
database or say on a mailing list. I tend to aggree that point names should
make some kind of sence but even a bad name is probably better than nothing
at all. It could also be that whoever entered some of these didn't know the
exact name of the place. This situation comes up if you go somewhere that
you haven't been before.
As for the database being cleaned, at the moment we have over 10 million
points in it. This would make any kind of manual cleaning a rather difficult
task. On the other hand, if anyone would like to volunteer for the job we
could probably set something up.
Since the point share site is still a work in progress, does anyone on the
list have any constructive suggestions on how we can make it better?


On Sun, 6 Aug 2006, Matt Brown wrote:

> Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I tried setting up a POI's file
yesterday, and I chose to view it before downloading, and I'm glad I did to
be honest, because there were a large number of POI's with names like, A
Tube Station in London, or, Sam and Michel's Flat, or, An Unnamed Pub.
> I haven't even started to use this program yet, and I'm already frustrated
that people are uploading completely pointless items to the database. I
don't know, maybe Sam and Michel are more than happy for us Loadstone users
to pop round for some fun, but I doubt it.
> Isn't the database ever cleaned?
> Surely this system will only work if people upload propper, sensible
Points. An unnamed pub is a stupid name! It doesn't tell me where it is,
it's address or anything! I think I even saw one for My Bus Stop! Points
like that just waste everyone's time, and make the POI's files far bigger
than they need to be.
> Matt
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>  I downloaded a POI file from the Point Share Exchange site, and 
> imported it  into Load Stone per the directions on the web site.
>  I used Load Stone to determine my Latitude & Longitude, with a radius 
> of 5  miles.  I did not put anything into the Restrict Output to user 
> name field  and  left all other items checked.  The file was 79 KB in 
> size and took less than
>  5 minutes for Load Stone to import it.  My default file did increase 
> in size  from around 4 KB to 83 KB, but when I go into Exploration 
> Mode there are no  new points.  Just the points that I created.  Is 79 
> KB an average size?  Is  less than 5 minutes for the importing process 
> sound right?  Should I try and  increase the radius?
>   When you look for points in Exploration Mode how far out does it 
> look?  Is  this value user definable?  Finally, I am able to edit an 
> existing point,  but  have not been able to remove one completely.  Is 
> there a way to do this?
>   Thanks, Jeff
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