[Loadstone] keys, functions and success stories

Ari Moisio arimo at netsonic.fi
Tue Aug 8 08:05:45 BST 2006


  I managet to  get pointshare exchange main page but  there MS could read 
only 'active link'. There were only three links on that page so something 
is missing.

  Login page worked ok except phone's way to capitalize first letter and 
each letter after a dot so user must be careful to check case for each 

  Html is ok but probably easier page layout go get quickly to required 
service. Now user have to pass thru all greeting texts and menues twike 
before even getting to the login page.

  File extension is .txt but content-type is binary but file itself is 
text. This could be confusing for certain browsers that rely on 
correct content-type-header.

  Phone opens .txt-files in it's own text editor but apparently these file 
are kept on some kind of database because i have never found text files i 
have saved although they  are visible in the text editor.

  Page seems always return  plenty off cell data regardles of focus point 
given - or there are  over 1300 gsm cells within one  kilometer around the 
north  pole:-)


On Mon, 7 Aug 2006, Shane wrote:

> Hi,
> Couldn't this currently be done using your phone's web
> browser?  It wouldn't be as automated as you'd need to
> login etc and have a focal point but if you navigate to the
> site and filled the form, could the file not be downloaded
> directly to the phone.  I'd be curious if that'd work as I
> have no way to test it, no data plan.
> Perhaps someone more familiar with the s60 browser could
> address whether a site using xhtml is accessible in the
> browser or whether we need to create a wap enabled site.
> How would the phone handle the bit of JS validation on the
> forms.
> S
> On Mon, Aug 07, 2006 at 10:27:11PM -0500, Jim Ruby wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a suggestion, but not sure how easy or practical it would be.
>> Often when I am traveling it can be at the last minute and I do not have
>> time to update my maps or database. It would be cool if the
>> loadstone-gps application could connect to the point share system and
>> download an update to the maps even if it is just the text file for
>> later importing.
>> Example I take a trip in to the cities I do not have a map for this
>> area. I could tell loadstone to connect to the share point system and
>> download me a map of my current location with a X where x is a numjber I
>> can imput for radius.  At this point loadstone would log me in to my
>> account and grab the information using current location and download the
>> file to my import folder.
>> monty at loadstone-gps.com wrote:
>>> Hello All,
>>> We are currently looking into implementing user-defined
>>> keystrokes - that
>>> is, you will hopefully be able to assign a key to every function available
>>> in Loadstone.  This will include examination and movement keys in
>>> Exploration mode.  So, if you wanted to reassign the movement functions
>>> currently bound to the Joystick to Shift+NumberKeys then you could!
>>> We still need to iron out some of the complications associated to
>>> implementing this level of configuration but hopefully it will be
>>> available in upcoming releases.
>>> We are also investigating various ways of implementing a function whereby
>>> you could travel up and down a street with-out veering off of or skipping
>>> an intersection while in Exploration mode.
>>> Keep the suggestions coming as they all get considered though due to the
>>> complexities involved, they can't always be implemented quickly.
>>> It would be great to hear from people who are successfully using Loadstone
>>> and hear about some of the ways in which it is assisting your navigation.
>>> Best regards,
>>>    Monty
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