[Loadstone] Exploration Mode

David Tanner david-tanner at peoplepc.com
Mon Aug 7 00:58:03 BST 2006

I have noticed the problem you mentioned here about it seemingly skipping streets and you have to go back the other direction to find the street.  I wondered about that too.

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:I have been playing around with the Exploration Mode and trying to follow a street. I have found 
: that LoadStone doesn't do very well at that. I seemds to jump around off the stree that I'm wanting 
: to follow. Can their be a function added to tell Load Stone to give you the next entersection street 
: crossing of the same name of the street that you are currently going along?
: I was using the 2, 4, 6 and 8 numbers to go along the street. I have also tried using the 1, 3, 7 
: and 9 to try to get Load Stone to go to the next cross street of the street that I'm following when 
: using Exploration Mode.
: I have also noticed when in Exploration Mode some times Load stone will bypass a cross street and I 
: have to go back the other direction to get the cross street. Example I'm following Pine West and 
: come to Pine @1st. Then I press 4 to go to the next block west and come to Pine @2nd. I next press 4 
: again and it may take me to Pine @4th. It totally bypasses Pine @3rd. So I have to press 6 to go 
: back east to get to Pine @3rd. In other cases when doing the above it will take me to a whole new 
: street and will not even be on Pine anymore.
: Other then that the program is very good with Navigation Mode. It seems to always have the street 
: correct as far as what is coming up in front of me.
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