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On the Nokia phone and other phones as well; You can add a memory card to expand the memory. Th only 
bad things about this, is the phone is not as fast at accessing the memory card as it is for it's 
own internal memory. That isn't saying the memory card are slow but the phone is slow at accessing 
them. I'm using LoadStone on a 6682 with a 2GB memory card with a database that is about 6MB in size 
and the responce is OK. Most cases it give responces as far as next street within 2 seconds or so.

You can check with the cingular disability center and see what they have. 1-866-241-6568. But to be 
up front; Yes you may get a older version of Talks for free after rebate but you will pay much more 
for the old phone that is no longer being made and speach doesn't work on a call. You would be 
better off going through letstalk and getting the 6682 for free with a new two year contract and 
then bying Talks or MobileSpeak from a normal dealer. You will pay about the same price but end up 
with a phone that will run circels around the old phone that the Cingular disability center is 

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I have questions in three categories.  Please accept my apologies if the
first category is off-topic.

First, I heard Singulair will allow users to get a phone with an older
version of talks free after rebates.  Does anybody know if that is true?  If
so, whom would I talk to about that?  Most cell phone sails people don't
know much about their products, service plans, etc.  Is there someone at
Singulair who handles such issues?  Do other carriers offer similar plans?

Second, what kinds of maps does Loadstone work with?  Does Loadstone work
with particular files?  Does it not work or work poorly with other types of

Third, does anybody know of phones that work relatively quickly with
Loadstone and have fairly large memory?  If not, are there ways to increase
a phone's memory at relatively low cost and not degrade performance

Thank You,

Mike Hanson


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