[Loadstone] Importing Points

Jeff meganmh at sonic.net
Sun Aug 6 00:36:12 BST 2006

I downloaded a POI file from the Point Share Exchange site, and imported it 
into Load Stone per the directions on the web site.

I used Load Stone to determine my Latitude & Longitude, with a radius of 5 
miles.  I did not put anything into the Restrict Output to user name field 
left all other items checked.  The file was 79 KB in size and took less than 
5 minutes for Load Stone to import it.  My default file did increase in size
from around 4 KB to 83 KB, but when I go into Exploration Mode there are no 
new points.  Just the points that I created.  Is 79 KB an average size?  Is
less than 5 minutes for the importing process sound right?  Should I try and 
increase the radius?

 When you look for points in Exploration Mode how far out does it look?  Is 
this value user definable?  Finally, I am able to edit an existing point, 
have not been able to remove one completely.  Is there a way to do this?

 Thanks, Jeff
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