[Loadstone] Hi, a couple of questions!

Matt Brown netmail at superquasar.plus.com
Thu Aug 3 23:39:39 BST 2006

Hiya everyone I'm new here, and I'll try not to bug yall too much.

OK, just a couple of things.

1. I have downloaded the software today, latest version, but I have not yet installed it to my handset which is the N70. I'm OK with installing and all that jazz.

2. OK, I'm completely confused about the system though. I live in the UK, and according to the Loadstone Website, there are no maps as such, just points of interest that have been collected from user contributions and the public domain right? The tutorial says there are only train stations and airports for the UK in the database.

OK, so lets suppose I have a point of interest of Oxford Street Underground station, and I want to get to it from my current location which is Leicester square. If the database has Leicester Square and Oxford Street, but it doesn't have any of the road or street names for places in between point a and point B, how can it possibly navigate me from one to the other? Sure it can tell me when I'm near my destination, but how do I know what turnings to take, when to take them, how far down particular streets I have to walk etc?

With systems like Wayfinder of course, there is a complete street map, plus a points of interest database, and they both work together, with the software cross-referencing your actual position with the map so that it can provide you with accurate alerts: Turn right in 20 yards, etc. I'm guessing that Loadstone is not capable of doing this?

Sorry to seem a bit negative in my first message, but if the software can't actually navigate you through a maze of turns, buildings and points of interest from your starting point to your destination, then I can't see how it can help you much, other than to tell you the distance and rough direction between the two points. Perhaps I'm totally wrong however, and someone will come back and tell me that the database already contains a full UK street map with hundreds of thousands of POI's already added in?


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