[Loadstone] exporting a big point file?

Monty Lilburn monty at loadstone-gps.com
Thu Aug 3 16:19:05 BST 2006

Hi Jane,

The values you gave look correct.  Just to confirm, the only characters 
you typed in the longitude and latitude fields were the numbers and the 
decimal point?  (nothing else)?

Give it another try and if it still doesn't work let us know and I'll have 
to defer to Shane.


On Thu, 3 Aug 2006, jayne loconto wrote:

> hi, i have my coordinates but every time i try to export them to my phone,
> it tells me that the values are incorrect and must be numaric.  here they
> are.  tell me what i am doing wrong.  please
> latitude:26.0273100 longitude: -80.2653505
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>> Hello Chaman,
>> What part of germany are you visiting?  I ask because I think I am the
>> only person so far who has created German points.  There aren't many of
>> them (maybe 20-30) and they are all around the area of the Frankfort/Hahn
>> airport.  I say this because unless you are visiting this area the points
>> will not be of any use to you Anyway.  As for countries you pass on your
>> way, (France, Belgym, Netherlands) I'm not sure that any users have shared
>> points from these areas yet.
>> I will be adding points into the Exchange shortly for this part of Europe
>> as I stumbled upon a pile of freely available points.
>> If you happen to be going through Paris be sure to mark lots of points as
>> I will be visiting Paris in a couple of weeks and it would be great if
>> there were points in the area.
>> As for the search radius on the PointShare Exchange, try drastically
>> lowering your radius - with your focal point being coordinates in the area
>> of Germany or other countries you are visiting.
>> Have a good trip!
>> Monty
>>  On Thu, 3 Aug 2006, chaman wrote:
>>> hello list,
>>> i am living in london and will be going to germany next week i want to
>>> know that how can i make a point file from London to Germany as we are
>>> driving there. i tried to put a radias of 10000 miles but it said radias
>>> to large.
>>> please could someone get back to me as soon as possible thank you.
>>> Chaman
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