[Loadstone] exporting a big point file?

jayne loconto jloconto at bellsouth.net
Thu Aug 3 15:28:28 BST 2006

hi, i have my coordinates but every time i try to export them to my phone, 
it tells me that the values are incorrect and must be numaric.  here they 
are.  tell me what i am doing wrong.  please
latitude:26.0273100 longitude: -80.2653505
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> Hello Chaman,
> What part of germany are you visiting?  I ask because I think I am the
> only person so far who has created German points.  There aren't many of
> them (maybe 20-30) and they are all around the area of the Frankfort/Hahn
> airport.  I say this because unless you are visiting this area the points
> will not be of any use to you Anyway.  As for countries you pass on your
> way, (France, Belgym, Netherlands) I'm not sure that any users have shared
> points from these areas yet.
> I will be adding points into the Exchange shortly for this part of Europe
> as I stumbled upon a pile of freely available points.
> If you happen to be going through Paris be sure to mark lots of points as
> I will be visiting Paris in a couple of weeks and it would be great if
> there were points in the area.
> As for the search radius on the PointShare Exchange, try drastically
> lowering your radius - with your focal point being coordinates in the area
> of Germany or other countries you are visiting.
> Have a good trip!
> Monty
>  On Thu, 3 Aug 2006, chaman wrote:
>> hello list,
>> i am living in london and will be going to germany next week i want to 
>> know that how can i make a point file from London to Germany as we are 
>> driving there. i tried to put a radias of 10000 miles but it said radias 
>> to large.
>> please could someone get back to me as soon as possible thank you.
>> Chaman
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