[Loadstone] exporting a big point file?

Stein Erik Skotkjerra stein.erik.skotkjerra at provista.no
Thu Aug 3 13:06:47 BST 2006

My suggestion would be to pick out some spots on the route you are planning
to take and export several files with smaller radius. You know, you can
import several files. Importing big files seems to take quite a bit of time,
so it would probably be a good idea to split it all up. LoadStone also
detects dublications, so don't worry about the same point being in more than
one file.

Stein Erik

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Emne: [Loadstone] exporting a big point file?

hello list,
i am living in london and will be going to germany next week i want to know
that how can i make a point file from London to Germany as we are driving
there. i tried to put a radias of 10000 miles but it said radias to large.
please could someone get back to me as soon as possible thank you.

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